Circa 1995

Formerly known as L&L Management Services, Inc. Global Management Partners has been working with scientific societies for over 20 years, and we’re just getting started.

History & FAQ

Global Management Partners (GMP) began on August 1, 1995 as L&L Management Services, Inc., at the invitation of three clients with whom I’d worked for six years under a different umbrella.  In exchange for this incredible opportunity to open up an Association Management Company (AMC), these clients were provided exemplary personalized services that became the hallmark of L&L Management Services, and now of Global Management Partners.  In the convening years, L&L not only grew its client-base and number of employees, but, most importantly, our clients grew because their leadership was freed from the task for administering and managing the organization to growing and leading it.

In 2013-2016, I knew that it was time to begin looking for new leadership to continue growing and refining L&L.  I looked high and low for the right skills and right fit for the new leadership of the company that I’d nurtured, grown and loved for so long.  L&L was more than just a business to me, and I wanted to be sure I found the right leadership for our clients and staff.  This was an incredibly important decision, and I took my time.  It’s no surprise that the talent and intellect that I most admired were people with whom I’d worked for years – two of L&L’s top managers:  Janel Fick and JoAnn Taie.

They both have the energy, enthusiasm and vision to bring L&L and its clients to the next level.  With the passing of the baton came a name change to Global Management Partners (GMP).

L&L, and now GMP, have come a long ways since 1995 when we opened the door to serve three clients with three employees. Since the very beginning, the member organizations GMP has served are homes to leaders in their respective fields. Their expectations are high. Through the years, the hard work, skills, intellect and dedication of our employees has earned us the best compliment of all – referrals to other associations. As our stable of clients grew, so did the capabilities of our team of association professionals. The ways in which people engage with membership organizations has changed through the years, and GMP’s team enjoys staying on top of and head of those trends.

L&L/GMP’s goal has been to grow our clients, and grow they have! Through innovative programs and thoughtful leadership, GMP’s team has contributed to the health of our clients. We are equally as proud to say that GMP focuses on the professional growth of our employees as well. Everyone at GMP truly enjoys working with each other, and this cohesiveness pays off for everyone. Growing together is what we do best.


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Q: Will my organization lose its identity if it moves to GMP?

A: Absolutely not. Think of Global Management Partners as an extension of your team. We do not take over your organization’s name, mission or leadership; we simply help to fulfill its needs. Your organization keeps its own name, brand, board, email address, etc. and you gain a team of professionals that understand your organization’s goals, processes, financials, and members.

Q: What are the staffing advantages of working with GMP?
A: A significant benefit to working with GMP is access to the vast knowledge and expertise we have gained working with a variety of nonprofits. Your Board is freed from management responsibility, liability and overhead associated with managing a stand-alone office and staff. We work together in teams to provide customized support based on each client’s needs – from event management and strategic planning to short-term marketing projects and re-branding. This shared-resources concept allows our clients to realize savings in computers and other office equipment, office space rental, insurance, and the host of other expenses that go into maintaining an office.
Q: Who will manage my organization?

A: A Team of dedicated professionals is appointed to manage each client directly on a day-to-day basis. The Executive Staff is led by an Officer who is accountable for the relationship and delivery of services. The Officer will attend at least one Board of Director’s meeting per year. An Association Executive delivers day-to-day professional services and acts as the Executive or Associate Executive Director of the association. The Executive Director works closely with the Officers, Board and other leaders of the association. The Accounting Department provides accounting services for each group, and miscellaneous support services, such as mail management. Other staff may be assigned to the client based on size and scope of services.

Q: What is an AMC (Association Management Company)?

A: AMCs are for-profit businesses that provide professional management and administrative services to associations. An AMC provides the professional staff, administrative support, office space, technology and equipment an association needs to operate. The AMC staff works as the association’s staff, helping volunteer leaders develop and execute the strategies and programs to serve their membership.

In addition to AMCs, associations are managed entirely by volunteers, or by full-time staff that are hired, paid and managed by the organization’s volunteer leaders. Both of these models use up time and resources in non-governance activities that could be dedicated to the success of the association. An AMC model offers the best way for an organization to get the greatest value from their investment of volunteer time and resources and the best use of volunteer expertise and energy.

Q: Why should we choose GMP as our Association Management Company?

A: Global Management Partners has over 20 years of experience in providing professional management services to various member organizations. We have proven results in developing, sustaining and growing the associations we work for, but what truly sets us apart is we love what we do!  The physicians, scientists, academicians and lawyers who make up the leaders and members of our groups are the best and the brightest in their fields; they inspire us daily. The unique nature of each association’s goals and objectives fuels our creativity and desire to provide timely, accurate, personalized services. We feel privileged to work with such accomplished people, and are pleased to take care of the business details so they can focus on furthering their mission!


Janel, Thanks for all that you do for NANOS. Your attention to detail, reliability, problem solving ability, and timely and efficient service make all of our jobs at NANOS easier. Thanks again for all that you do for us and for our members in NANOS.

-Andrew G. Lee, MD
NANOS 2013 Treasurer

Tisha, it was a great pleasure to work with Shannon during my term and to have your support in the background! We at the ASNR are so pleased to be partnered with L&L, and we thank you so much for your support.

-Anna M. Barrett, MD
ASNR 2011 - 2012 President

I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your team, and appreciate the hard work, excellent insights and on-the-mark suggestions more than we change to I could ever tell you. And, believe me, I learned at least as much from working with you as the other way around. The Academy is very, very lucky to have you.

-Dennis R. Suplee, Esq
IATL 2009 President

Thanks to you and your team for such a well-organized Committee meeting! It went so efficiently that I know we are now ready for our Annual Meeting!

-Peter A. Bandettini, PhD
OHBM 2012 - 2014 Meetings Liaison Chair

It was a wonderful meeting and you and Janel have such a pleasant and confident way of dealing with everyone it's such an easy experience. You have been a joy to work with and for me the combination of competence, "can do" initiative and cheerful demeanor adding to the trust that has developed makes being Treasurer easy and painless. Thank you and your team for your great efforts,

-Ralph A. Sawyer, MD
NANOS 2004 - 2006 Treasurer