Margaret Hilger


What do you really do at work?

At Global Management Partners (GMP) I draft agendas, keep membership engaged, make coffee, drink coffee, grade exams, unjam the printer and the list goes on. Basically GMP gives me the opportunity to do a little bit of everything

Describe your Perfect Day.

Waking up without the help of an alarm clock and heading out for a stroll with my pup in the cool morning.  Then getting a strong cup of coffee and a calorie heavy brunch before heading out into the world to engage in some randomness, live music and a pint.

What’s your Superpower?

X-ray Vision! But seriously folks… I am able to see things in an “outside-the-box’ way.  The collaborative GMP team model allows for creativity and problem-solving. Working in such a team gives us all the ability to relate to each other, moderate conflicts and stay motivated towards the success of all our organizations.

What’s your life motto?

Without music life would be a mistake. -Friedrich Nietzsche

What inspires you?

I am inspired by great art, authentic love, and genuine people. I love having the opportunity to build relationships with our members in the Neurologic disciplines by not only learning about their professional work but also discovering their passions and what inspires them.

Her Story:

Margaret runs on passion, possibility, creativity and more coffee than is good for a person.  As the Meetings and Administrative Coordinator for the American Society of Neurorehabilitation and American Society of Neuroimaging she collaborate with membership and leadership to identify the work set out before them and continue to move towards achieving the goals of their Mission.

Margaret was born and raised in South Minneapolis and crossed the river to attend the College of Saint Catherine.  She received her BA in Studio Art and Global Spiritualties with study abroad terms and semesters in the Republic of Ireland, France, Belgium, Northern Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and Tanzania. She also has experience with welding, carving, and torching but for everyone’s safety she will keep those skills outside of office hours.