Our Teams Approach

At GMP our staff becomes an extension of your team. Our philosophy is to appoint a group of dedicated professionals to manage each client directly on a day-to-day basis. We understand the importance of personalized service. This approach has proven results in membership satisfaction, growth, and building long-lasting partnerships between the Executive Office and Leadership.


GMP serves as our clients’ association headquarters (the Executive Office). Our fully equipped offices feature amenities to manage administrative needs, including mail services, clerical staff, and meeting rooms. Overhead costs are shared between all of our clients, thereby increasing each association's resources and capabilities without major capital investment.

Leadership & Volunteer Development

GMP works closely with the Board and Committees to plan and execute association goals and initiatives, programs and member services based on the organization's mission, strategy and objectives. GMP takes care of all meeting logistics. It is our responsibility to provide strategic and operational leadership, as well as new and innovative ideas and approaches. Understanding that volunteer engagement is necessary to meet these goals, we also work to secure qualified, passionate volunteers and help them to make the most of time and efforts.

Membership Administration

GMP recognizes that members are the heart and soul of any association. GMP handles all aspects of membership including recruitment and retention, membership benefits, member communications, dues billing and collection, and member directory publication. The Executive Staff works closely with clients to develop and refine marketing initiatives to recruit and retain members. We strive to increase the membership of associations through the development and improvement of programs such as new member mentoring/sponsoring, member benefits and outreach to new members and we have had proven success!

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan is an imperative tool for establishing realistic goals and objectives that are consistent with its mission. It assists the association in allocating precious resources by focusing on priorities that advance their vision. The Executive Office plays an active role in implementing strategic initiatives, working in unison with leadership to review and revise the strategic plan to adapt to the changing environment, while corporate history and culture remains intact.

Meeting & Event Management

From course content development to logistical details, we specialize in managing and executing your meetings and events ranging in attendance from 10 to 3,000 attendees. Our expertise includes domestic and international meetings, honoring the cultures and regulations of each unique destination. We manage a wide variety of recreational activities, intimate and large social events, and other ancillary conference events working within the scope of your needs and budget. We negotiate with national and international hotels chains and vendors bringing those savings to each associations regardless of size.

Grants, Fundraising & Sponsorship Development

GMP assists our clients in raising grant monies to supplement conference revenues. Our experience has indicated that the most effective strategy is to partner with our association leaders to build a campaign that includes a well-defined corporate recognition program that meets corporate objectives and complements the society's mission.

Communications & Marketing Management

You want to get your message out, and we know how to do it! GMP understands that communicating clear consistent messages is vital for every association. GMP works with leadership to craft strategic messaging to receive increased engagement from members. We are able to help develop, enhance or simply maintain a successful social media strategy for your association or society. Our team will partner with you to establish an integrated communication strategy that will offer opportunities for members, advertisers, and other stakeholders in the industry to engage with your organization year-round.

Database & Website Management

Our software, internet4associations (i4a) is an easy to use, web-based software designed by and for associations. The integrated software enables staff to manage our clients’ website content, e-commerce transactions, membership and contacts, activities, meeting, event management, eMarketing, reporting, and much more. I4a also includes an intuitive Membership and Meeting Registration solution allowing members to apply, renew, register, order, and update their profiles online. It’s convenient for them, and saves valuable time and resources.

Financial Management

L&L Management provides improved financial controls and practices to our associations. Our internal practices ensure the highest levels of integrity and reliability. The internal control system is augmented by an independent annual audit/review cycle. Our staff is experienced in managing budgets from $150,000 to over $11 million. GMP ensures all facets of financial management and fundraising activities are handled effectively and efficiently.

Customized Support & More!

We know every client is unique, and we tailor our services! GMP has extensive knowledge in scientific societies. We provide services in CME/CLE/CEU accreditation, abstract submission and review management, publications and more! If we don’t offer a service your association or society requests, we have a partner that will.

Janel, Thanks for all that you do for NANOS. Your attention to detail, reliability, problem solving ability, and timely and efficient service make all of our jobs at NANOS easier. Thanks again for all that you do for us and for our members in NANOS.

-Andrew G. Lee, MD
NANOS 2013 Treasurer

Tisha, it was a great pleasure to work with Shannon during my term and to have your support in the background! We at the ASNR are so pleased to be partnered with L&L, and we thank you so much for your support.

-Anna M. Barrett, MD
ASNR 2011 - 2012 President

I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your team, and appreciate the hard work, excellent insights and on-the-mark suggestions more than we change to I could ever tell you. And, believe me, I learned at least as much from working with you as the other way around. The Academy is very, very lucky to have you.

-Dennis R. Suplee, Esq
IATL 2009 President

Thanks to you and your team for such a well-organized Committee meeting! It went so efficiently that I know we are now ready for our Annual Meeting!

-Peter A. Bandettini, PhD
OHBM 2012 - 2014 Meetings Liaison Chair

It was a wonderful meeting and you and Janel have such a pleasant and confident way of dealing with everyone it's such an easy experience. You have been a joy to work with and for me the combination of competence, "can do" initiative and cheerful demeanor adding to the trust that has developed makes being Treasurer easy and painless. Thank you and your team for your great efforts,

-Ralph A. Sawyer, MD
NANOS 2004 - 2006 Treasurer