What do you really do at work?
As the Programs Manager for CCAS, I have the privilege of being the first contact for all membership support. I am also actively involved in the planning and execution of a variety of meetings such as workshops, networking events, seminars, our annual meeting, and so much more. Client satisfaction in all that I do is my number one priority!

Describe your Perfect Day.
My perfect day consists of eating lobster rolls on the beach with a mojito in hand surrounded by those that I love.

What’s your Superpower?
I would say that my superpower is inclusiveness. I enjoy making people feel welcome. Letting others know that they belong brings me so much happiness. Simply put, I love making others feel loved!

What’s your life motto?
Be so focused on watering your own grass, that you don’t even notice if somebody else’s grass is greener.

What inspires you?
My grandparents! They have been there, done that. Both filled with beautiful advice, great examples, and an overflow of wisdom to live by.

Her Story:

Alexis recently graduated from North Central University in the top 10% of her class where she majored in Business Administration with a focus in non-profit management. She has had a variety of experience ranging from event planning/coordinating, project management, marketing, and administrative work.

While completing her undergraduate degree, she has already had the opportunity to work with multiple organizations and hold an internship position, which has allowed her to refine her skillset. She is a highly motivated individual, a quick learner, and is passionate about her work. When she’s not working, she enjoys going for long walks, painting and photography.