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JoAnn Taie & Janel Fick Breathe New Life Into Management Company

Fick said the goal was to build trust with the employees and create a more positive transparent culture. They noted that because of the diversity of clients, everyone worked in isolation from each other and that good ideas were getting lost. So, they brought the teams out of isolation to work together.

All of the employees were involved in the process of coming up with the new company name and logo. The employees also were brought together for a strategic planning session during which they created the vision, mission and value statement. Those now serve as the company’s guiding principles. Click here to read the full article.

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We were settling into our respective offices in January 2017 ready for the New Year as long-time account executives at L&L Management Services. Little did we know that, within two years, we would become business partners and owners of Global Management Partners, LLC—an association management company specializing in medical and legal associations. On Oct. 1, GMP celebrated its one-year anniversary. Since its inception, GMP has realized 36 percent client growth while fostering an infrastructure based on trust, open communication and a common vision.  Click here to read more!

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SOAR Online is a new series of CE/CME training modules that you can complete whenever, wherever you like.

The federal government just rolled out fantastic new trafficking training for health care professionals as noted below. Our medical groups may want to share this information with their members. The modules are free, online, can be completed at any time, and qualify for certain types of credits.

SOAR Online is a new series of CE/CME training modules that you can complete whenever, wherever you like. Each module discusses the SOAR framework and how to apply it where you work to identify individuals who are at risk or who have been trafficked and connect them with the resources they need.

SOAR Online is designed to educate health care providers, social workers, public health professionals, and behavioral health professionals on how to identify, treat, and respond appropriately to individuals who are at risk or who have been trafficked. The target audience includes physicians, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, registered nurses, dentists, psychologists, social workers, case managers, school counselors, public health professionals, health education specialists, and allied health professionals.

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Giving A Red Light To Human Trafficking

Associations have always been known to work for the good of their patrons. While dedicated staff members primarily focus on offering benefits and opportunities to the organizations’ members, many also reach out to the communities around them, using their resources to support those who need help. That’s exactly what the International Academy of Trial Lawyers accomplishes through its Coalition Against Human Trafficking, where member Fellows and their families work together to eliminate human trafficking through education, litigation, and legislation.

Read the full Association’s North Article Here: 

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A New Kind of Lawyer

GMP’s Jane Prine Rydholm, Executive Director of the IATL Foundation was recently highlighted in the St. Olaf Magazine. Click on the link below to read about A New Kind of Lawyer: Focused on Fighting Human Trafficking and Building a Juvenile Restorative Justice Program. Jane Prine Rydholm is Not Your Garden Variety Attorney. We are proud to support IATL in all of their endeavors. Congratulations Jane on your hard work and much deserved recognition!

Click on the link below to read more about Jane’s journey: