Bev Holm


What do you really do at work?
Accounting and Systems Management

Describe your Perfect Day.
Vacationing on the coast, walking along the ocean with family and friends and basking in the sun.

What’s your Superpower?
Puzzle Master; evaluating systems, problems, and working through them to make them work efficiently.

What’s your life motto?
God Reigns!

What inspires you?
Worshipping, Outdoors & Sunshine, Respect

Her Story:

Bev was born in Detroit, Michigan.  She left high school and spent 3 years in Arizona.  Bev met her husband there, eventually moved to Minnesota where she finished schooling, started in the hotel industry, and worked her way up to controller and trouble shooter.

Bev's career has been in accounting management roles.  After 14 years in Minnesota, she moved to New Jersey for a big promotion and was there for 3 years until her spouse's job took her to North Carolina where she lived for 11 years.  Bev moved back to Minnesota for many years working in the accounting field and then spent the next 3 years running a Bed and Breakfast in North Carolina.