Brooklyn Harren


What do you really do at work?
I complete tasks to assist the GMP employees who work solo for an association. I am their go-to support person to help in completing projects and tasks for the association’s meeting planning and overall goals.

Describe your Perfect Day.
My perfect day would be a relaxing, sunny day on the lake spent with my boyfriend, my family, and our friends. It would be a day filled with water sports and boating, tanning, reading, grilling, and it would end in a sunset boat cruise around the lake.

What’s your Superpower?
My super power is my creative mind. It feels like second nature to me to pinpoint what is going to/what does look good together. Whether it be interior design or an outfit, I have an eye for things that are going to coordinate well together. Once I have an idea, or inspiration then I can visualize how I want to set up a room in my house, or the outfit that I want to wear the next day. I feel like compared to most people my sense of style in these two categories can be seen as unique because I love to mix colors and patterns that others typically wouldn’t, and I love bold statement pieces. Yet, my clothing and how I decorate/set up my house are two things I get frequent compliments about. With experience I have realized that my superpower also applies to designing marketing graphics and presentations. All I need is a blank canvas on my screen, inspiration for the project, and the goal of the project and then I can visualize the graphic that I should create. I can thank my mom for this superpower of mine because she also has a special eye for design. I grew up watching her scrapbook, then scrapbooking alongside of her. I loved scrapbooking with my mom and admiring everything she was able to do with a blank page, her creative ideas were always inspiring. She also designed all of the homes that we have built, and people cannot compliment her enough on her beautiful homes. I believe that I learned this special trait by watching and learning from her.

What’s your life motto?
“Your outer beauty is only equal to your inner beauty. If you have a kind heart, then a beautiful appearance is just a plus to inner beauty.” -Unknown

What inspires you?
I am the oldest grandchild of 11 on my mom’s side of the family and the oldest sibling of 3, being the best role model that I can possibly be to all of them is what inspires me the most. It motivates me to be a successful and respected person so I can be the best person for them to look up to.

Her Story:

Brooklyn was born and raised in central Minnesota, where she still resides with a roommate and her cat Winston. Brooklyn is the oldest daughter of 3. She has a great relationship with her parents Jill and Steve, and her two younger brothers Alex, and Andrew.

Brooklyn enjoys spending quality time with her family when their busy schedules allow it. When she is not spending time with her family, she is spending it with her boyfriend Dallas and their friends. Brooklyn’s other hobbies outside of work, school, and spending time with her loved ones include traveling, shopping, reading, writing, cooking, watching sports, and playing with her cat Winston. One of Brooklyn’s life goals is to eventually move out of Minnesota and build a life in Montana. A special fact about Brooklyn is that she is obsessed with Orca whales, and her dream is to see some in the wild someday. Brooklyn is finishing up her bachelor’s degree in communications studies at St. Cloud State University, with a minor in conflict management. At SCSU she completed two certification courses in mediation, she is certified in both civil and family mediation in the state of Minnesota. Her major and minor at SCSU helped her to find a passion for communicating with others, helping others to achieve their goals, and sharing her knowledge of conflict management best practices to those who ask for it. Brooklyn intends on channeling her passions into her career of event planning and association management work. Her overall career goal is to collaborate with others to help them plan their dream events and accomplish their goals. Aside from her career Brooklyn aspires to become an author, and someday start a side hobby of flipping and selling houses with her boyfriend.