Harrison Redepenning


What do you really do at work?
I plan, organize, manage, and communicate with ASN & ASNR members with regards to meetings, committees, certification processes, and other client supportive decisions. I want to provide the best service for ASN and ASNR and I believe positivity, communication, and efficiency are key elements in succeeding that goal.

Describe your Perfect Day.
Waking up to natural sunlight, meeting my friends at a local coffee shop for coffee drinking and cribbage playing! Once properly caffeinated go for a nice long run and converse about anything and everything with the same group of friends. Post run, take a nice warm shower, enjoy a simple lunch where I can soak in the sun, while reading whatever current biography consumes me. I’d love if my day ended with a beautiful walk around the city, supporting local and grabbing a brew at a nearby brewery, consuming Italian or Asian food, and closing out the night with any kind of film, surrounded by those that I love. I’m sappy, I know.

What’s your Superpower?
Perspective. I believe I have a strong ability to clearly understand, communicate, and visualize multiple perspectives of an individual or a decision.

What’s your life motto?
A book entitled “Peak Performance” directed me to identify 5 core values that hold truth to me. I do my best to illustrate these core values in everything that I do.

Relationships, Positivity & Optimism, Efficiency, Commitment, and Enjoyment

What inspires you?
The idea of leaving an impact that allows others to what to emulate you and what you believe in.

Her Story:

Harrison has recently returned home to his roots. Born in NE Minneapolis, growing up in Anoka, MN, graduating from The University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, and now moving back to the Twin Cities area.

Harrison is a 2020 graduate from UWEC, majoring in Business Management, minoring in English Critical Studies, and receiving two certificates in Communications and Leadership Studies.

A few, quick fun facts. Harrison is a huge Vikings and Twins fan, Star Wars nerd, active cross country runner, and follower of Christ!