Kate Schenk


What do you really do at work?

Believe in the mission and purpose of our organization. Support and develop my team members to use their strengths to serve our clients and grow professionally. Coordinate the chaos and provide support and guidance to the boards, committees and volunteers that make our organization so special.

Describe your Perfect Day.
My perfect day includes waking up, listening to some mellow folk music and sipping a cup of coffee in my hammock swing, volunteering with my kids (Timothy, Michela, Josie, Marcus) and husband Jeremy at local charitable organization, going on a walk, hike or adventure to discover somewhere new, giving my Nonie (grandma) a hug and talking about life while we bake bread, connecting with a friend for coffee or sangria, snuggling on the couch with my puggle Cori and my husband long enough to catch up on the day, before they fall asleep and I binge some sort of Crime Drama, movie or read a few chapters in a book late into the night.

What’s your Superpower?
Belief is my top strength, so I would say passion is my superpower!

What’s your life motto?
Be the change you want to see in the world! ~Ghandi

What inspires you?
My kids inspire me every day-- The world is a brighter place because they shine their lights in it!

Kate Schenk brings 20+ years of non-profit leadership and management experience to her new role as Executive Director.  Before entering the workforce, serving non-profits working with women, children, education, and higher education, Kate graduated from Cornell College with Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies and Politics. Kate is relationship builder, who thrives in collaborative settings. She is known to be a strengths-based leader, that thrives in mission-driven environments.

Kate lives just outside of Chicago with her husband, 4 children, and puggle puppy. She looks forward to her work with the AAPOS Board of Directors and the opportunity mobilizing the AAPOS Staff to advance the mission of AAPOS.