What do you really do at work?
For Aperture, I’m excited to find out. Before I was hired as Process Manager for OHBM, I worked for the science website Earth.com translating new studies and science news into short and engaging articles. My workday would consist of research, fact checking, editing and rewriting drafts, and breaking down complex topics. I would often conduct interviews. And mostly my workday was a lot of writing, keeping myself on task, and staying in touch with my editor.

Describe your Perfect Day.
Is there such a thing? Life, work, and relationships are messy because people are messy. The best way to deal with the reality that life will always be a little chaotic is to ensure that I’m as prepared as possible to weather any storm. So a perfect day for me is taking what comes my way, having the coping skills to stay calm and focused, allowing for mistakes if they happen and learning from them, not letting stress get in the way of seeing the positive, having the strength and courage to stay vulnerable and having the faith and confidence in myself to allow for success.

What’s your Superpower?

What’s your life motto?
Have courage and be kind

What inspires you?
People who can build companies doing what they love while still making a major impact

Kay is a classically trained singer who had aspirations of singing in opera choruses and studied vocal performance in college. Singing didn’t quite pan out, and Kay ended up graduating with a degree in English. Kay spent many years after college bouncing around the country. She lived in Chicago for a year and spent two glorious summers working in Skagway, Alaska during the cruise ship season.

After Kay moved back to Wisconsin, she decided to start freelancing and put her English degree to good use, which is how she stumbled upon science writing. When not working on science articles, Kay can be found working on her content management side-hustle, crafting, or going out to enjoy a show at the Guthrie or Jungle Theater.