Michelle Jamsay


What do you really do at work?
In my role as Senior Accountant, I make numbers count.

Describe your Perfect Day.
Waking up to the sound of the screen door against the wood frame of our family Camp (Cottage Up North).  Hearing critters rustling through the trees and the small crashing of the waves from the basin.  The warm sun and crisp - fresh air on my face.  Pine and ash linger in the air from the fire the night before.  Spending the day adventuring outside with my daughter and preparing a spread of snacks to share with whoever wonders by us.

What’s your Superpower?
Determination – When something difficult occurs, something else becomes possible.

What’s your life motto?
My barn having burned down, I can now see the moon — Mizuta Masahide

What inspires you?
My daughter.  I have the privilege to discover the world {again} through her eyes.  She is full of curiosity and unconditional appreciation for all things.  She challenges me to view everyday life free of persuasion and to positively appreciate simplicity, even if we are just playing in the dirt.

Her Story:

Michelle was born and spent most of her upbringing in the mountains of Colorado where she lived for 30 years.  Her parents, founder owners of a small construction business, instilled in her from a young age to work hard, stand up for what is right, and to give back.  Michelle has carried those disciplines through her professional experiences in several industries including Construction, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Finance.


Michelle's diverse background has sharpened her peripheral to adapt to unique client needs and to dial in on the smallest of details.  She loves to make people feel special.  There is nothing more beautiful than when you put a smile on someone’s face that meets their eyes.   She met her husband while he was working on the road in Colorado. He was raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan which prompted her move to the Midwest in 2013 (even though she had professed that she would never leave Colorado).  Their home grew to welcome their daughter in 2019, two furry friends - Brucie and Oreo and a divide between her lifelong love for the Denver Broncos and loyalty to the forever “under-dog” Detroit Lions.  Michelle enjoys spending time at her family camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan; fishing, cooking, entertaining, and long adventures on the UTV