Sasha Shahidi


What do you really do at work?

Plan IATL and Belli meetings (seminars and conferences); attend daily meetings; create budgets; work with Fellows; liaise with vendors; edit documents; create protocols, trainings, templates, calendars; organize files; review organizational structure.

Describe your Perfect Day.

Hiking in the woods, a massage, eating really good food that didn’t involve cooking or cleaning, watching a great tv show (or attending a great live performance before Covid), hanging with my family and close friends, either by a cozy fire in the winter, or outside in a green space in warmer weather.

What’s your Superpower?


What’s your life motto?


What inspires you?

Nature, great storytelling, people who are really good at what they do.

Sasha Shahidi is the Associate Executive Director of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers and the Belli Society. Prior to joining Global Management Partners in this capacity, Sasha managed international professional exchanges for the U.S. State Department through the non-profit, Global Minnesota. Sasha has also programmed internationally in many countries throughout Latin America, Europe, and Asia as a study abroad tour manager for university students, faculty, and staff from the U.S. and Australia.

She has also worked with various performing arts organizations and venues in Minneapolis and Los Angeles, including The Guthrie Theater and The Ford Theatres, and managed an eco-resort in Costa Rica. Sasha has a bachelor’s degree in Theater with a concentration in Sociology & Anthropology from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. During her time at Swarthmore, Sasha studied and volunteered in Hungary, Romania, South Africa, Ecuador, Argentina, Vietnam, and Venezuela. She currently lives in Minneapolis and enjoys hiking, yoga, reading, listening to podcasts, and planning events for family and friends.