Vanessa Carter


What do you really do at work?
I am the first point of contact for all NANOS members. I help organize new membership applications, membership dues, and member information. I also support some NANOS Committees and assist with Society Marketing efforts. Basically, I help NANOS efforts in any way I can!

Describe your Perfect Day.
My perfect day includes a morning hike with my husband and our dog. To our great astonishment, we’d come across a kind fairy who would grant us teleportation powers. After that, we would spend the day visiting both sides of our family all across the US, laughing, and eating great food. The day would end when we came home to our cat, who would definitely be meowing for dinner no matter the time of day.

What’s your Superpower?
I would say that creativity is my superpower. I’m able to look at a subject or an issue from varying perspectives and think of many different solutions. My creativity also plays a part in my hobbies as I very much enjoy writing anything from research essays to poems to silly little stories.

What’s your life motto?
“Great minds think alike, though fools seldom differ.”
I love this quote because it reminds people to think for themselves no matter who they’re with. If all anyone ever did was agree with each other, there would be no new creative processes or innovations. Second guess everything, even if it’s working. You’ll never discover more efficient solutions if you aren’t looking for them. 

What inspires you?
Random acts of kindness inspire me. Today is a world of bigger and better, where everyone is hyper focused on personal gain. Whether it’s people we meet, places we visit, or products we search for online, we regrettably seem to gravitate towards the same question: What can this offer me? I love hearing stories about people doing good expecting nothing in return.

Her Story:

Vanessa is originally from San Antonio, Texas. She attended the University of Texas and graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environmental Sustainability in 2020. Wanting to make the most of COVID shutdowns, she decided to begin graduate school and earned her Master of Science in Business in 2021. She has experience in Nonprofit management, event planning, and marketing efforts.

Outside of work, Vanessa enjoys taking long walks outside with her husband and dog, cooking while trying to keep her mischievous cat out of the kitchen, and creative writing. Her love for nature inspires much of her writing and environmental advocacy efforts. She is a big believer that creativity is a muscle everyone possesses and in the healing power of self-expression. Through her writing, she hopes to inspire sustainability for the planet and mind.