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We have over 20 years of proven experience in providing international scientific associations, societies and organizations with reliable, high quality management services.

About Us

Global Management Partners (GMP) is a full-service association management company (AMC) providing professional management services to various member organizations. Founded in 1995 with just four associations, GMP’s preferred model has been to work with small to medium-sized associations. This niche allows us to provide the high level of personalized attention and outstanding customer service that we value. We currently provide management services to 13 associations, societies and academies, ranging in size from 135 to 6,000 members. The conferences we plan range from small committee meetings to international meetings with over 3,000 attendees.

AMCs operate as a substitute for traditional administrative offices and paid staff members. Global Management Partners helps your organization by utilizing economies of scale with staff, office space and overhead costs. The day-to-day tasks of administration, event planning and bookkeeping are managed by our staff, so you and your Board are free to focus on long-term membership, programming, financial and governance goals.

GMP is a progressive organization that focuses on values and supports continuous learning at all levels. We believe that innovation, creativity and exposure to the best practices are essential in order to bring new ideas to our clients. As such, we offer all levels of the GMP team several opportunities to ensure ongoing professional development. Among them are:

  • New GMP team member orientation programs to ensure the core foundation of our clients is learned and understood.
  • Monthly special interest group training with best practice sharing and new idea generation in areas such as membership, communications, meetings, technology and health and wellness.
  • Monthly all-staff meetings to keep current on GMP and client activities and hold open discussion on a strategic level.
  • Membership and participation in professional society events that focus on all aspects of association management.

Our core values are both our identity and our promise.

Defining and motivating our every interaction with you. Effective core values must be internalized then intentionally practiced. At GMP, we strive to incorporate our core values into our every day.

We believe in...


We take responsibility for the ultimate outcome of our efforts on our clients and the world. We are brutally honest with ourselves about what’s working and what’s not, and we constantly strive to do better.


We go above-and-beyond to be of value and view it is our responsibility


We are deeply on our clients’ side. We put ourselves in their shoes, and we appreciate how hard their jobs and challenges they face can be.


We value the range of different backgrounds people bring to their work, appreciate how those backgrounds make us better at what we do, and strive to create an environment in which everyone who demonstrates our values and delivers on their responsibilities thrives.


We are approachable and personable professionals. We believe in open, honest communication with respect and integrity.


We have unusually high expectations for ourselves and for our work. Our client’s accomplishments are our success!



 Diversity and inclusion are integral facets of the global landscape and they are critical components to the success of all professions including association management companies (AMCs).  We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within our own organization and provide equal opportunity to people of all ethnicities, races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, gender identifications, socioeconomic backgrounds, abilities, marital statuses, geographic locations, philosophies, veterans status, and ages as this enriches the work we do internally and with our clients.

Global Management Partners, LLC recognizes the necessity of diversity and inclusion in the organization.  Our values related to diversity and inclusion include:

  • GMP welcomes, values, and respects the diverse experiences that are different from our staff and clients.
  • By increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion, GMP believes we will access more expansive and varied ideas, information, and perspectives, making us more created and informed to carry out the essential work that we do.
  • As part of our diversity and inclusion commitment, GMP believes it is necessary to be strategic and intentional in formalizing and pursuing meaningful diversity and inclusion goals as central aspects of our governance and program to promote inclusive and diverse participation and voice, representation and leadership opportunities.
  • GMP promotes a broad approach to diversity while respecting each individual’s commitment to addressing those aspect most germane to its mission is committed to equitable treatment and elimination of discrimination in all its forms at all organizational levels and throughout all programs.
  • As part of ensuring to promote inclusivity and meet the needs of our workforce, GMP respects and values diverse life challenges, creating an environment that is inclusive of all.

Acknowledging the value and the responsibility of our company to achieve our diversity and inclusion goals with honesty and transparency in professionalism and the organization, Global Management Partners, LLC affirms its commitment to paying affirmative attention to diversity and inclusion at both an internal and external level through regularly reporting progress and lessons learned along the way.

Janel, thanks for all that you do for NANOS. Your attention to detail, reliability, problem solving ability, and timely and efficient service make all of our jobs at NANOS easier. Thanks again for all that you do for us and for our members in NANOS.

-Andrew G. Lee, MD
Former NANOS Treasurer

I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your team, and appreciate the hard work, excellent insights and on-the-mark suggestions. And, believe me, I learned at least as much from working with you as the other way around. The Academy is very, very lucky to have you.

-Dennis R. Suplee, Esq
Former IATL President

Thanks to you and your team for such a well-organized Committee meeting! It went so efficiently that I know we are now ready for our Annual Meeting!

-Peter A. Bandettini, PhD
Former OHBM Meetings Liaison Chair

It was a wonderful meeting and you and Janel have such a pleasant and confident way of dealing with everyone it's such an easy experience. You have been a joy to work with and for me the combination of competence, "can do" initiative and cheerful demeanor adding to the trust that has developed makes being Treasurer easy and painless. Thank you and your team for your great efforts,

-Ralph A. Sawyer, MD
Former NANOS Treasurer

Leslie and staff have been very helpful to me as Chair of Practice Issues. For several years I have been participating with the Coalition for Patient Centered Imaging representing the ASN, which involves conference calls, and drafting of letters to politicians, that are then signed by multiple professional societies. Leslie and her staff have been very helpful supporting me in this and in disseminating the information about issues and making sure the letters are on our website, etc.

-Elizabeth Rowe, PhD
Practice Issues Committee Chair

I can highly recommend Leslie Orvedahl and her group for the quality and timeliness of their management services. For instance, recently, when I needed access to the details of our organization’s relationship to the AMA and our bylaws, and rapid communication with AMA administration, she delivered even after hours and on weekends and despite a personally demanding schedule. This made a tremendous difference for us. When we needed creative solutions to administrative issues, she was always there with great suggestions.

-Vernon Rowe, MD
ASN Board Member

I have had the great pleasure of working with GMP for the past decade as a member of, and leader in, the AUPN. I have worked increasingly closely with JoAnn and GMP and JoAnn and her team have been an integral piece of our operational success. JoAnn has been an asset to the AUPN and to me and has consistently been thoughtful and organized about ensuring success of the organization’s business and logistics, as well as providing thoughtful input on events and content. The GMP team has enhanced our ability to effectively communicate appropriate information to our Neurology chair colleagues as well as our partner Associations around the country. It is a joy to work with JoAnn and her whole team and the AUPN has seen much success related to our side by side leadership structure with JoAnn and GMP.

-Karen C. Johnston, MD, MSc
Harrison Distinguished Professor of Neurology, Department of Neurology Associate Vice President for Clinical & Translational Research, Office of the Vice President for Research, University of Virginia

I have been working for the past 3 years with the GMP Executive Office led by JoAnn Taie as Treasurer of OHBM. During that period, the team has been exceptionally helpful in making me comfortable as a non-native speaker and providing me with institutional memory, clarification and all the documents required for my financial analysis within a couple of hours. Together we revisited the past 10 years of OHBM treasury and they assisted me tirelessly in every step of this analysis. The team has always been positive and encouraging with all initiatives I have suggested. I feel that their professionalism, their past accomplishments as well as their very positive personality deserve the trust that will benefit any non-profit organisation. 

-Michel Thiebaut de Schotten, PhD, CR1, CNRS
Institute of Psychiatry, London, England, Hôpital de la Salpêtrière (ICM), Paris, France

I have had the distinct pleasure to work with the Executive Office and their superb Executive Director, Leslie Orvedahl for the past several years. Leslie and her team have been instrumental in guiding many of our key initiatives during a challenging transition period for our society. Our trajectory is positive and we owe much of our recent success to the professional management and collaborative guidance offered by Leslie and her team.

-Carolee Winstein, PT, PhD, FAPTA, FAHA
Professor, Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy Director, Motor Behavior and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory Health Sciences Campus

Efficient, prompt, compassionate, brilliant, innovative, competent are words I use to describe GMP constantly!

GMP is our partner in finding the best leaders for our Academy and if the truth be known they are the leader in those efforts.

They are always accessible and a pleasure to work with.


-Mark White
IATL President-Elect