Sabrena Hildreth


What do you really do at work?
As the Accounting Coordinator, I am responsible for making sure invoices are paid in a timely fashion as well as allocating payments to the correct accounts when funds are received (accounts payable/ accounts receivables). I help the Controller performs the different hats that he wears when possible as well as other office questions when the Controller is not available.

Describe your Perfect Day.
Sunny with a Cool breeze. Going shopping, eating crab legs and watching TV alone.

What’s your Superpower?
Serving God .Multi-tasking, mediator, listener, communicator, and problem solver

What’s your life motto?
“Live life doing what you LOVE” and “Never WORRY about things that is not under your control”

What inspires you?
I am inspired by knowing and living by faith each morning. Knowing that “I can do ANYTHING by having a strong determination while accepting change. Knowing that each day I can expect something, which brings joy, love, peace and happiness inside and out.

Sabrena has a smile that is contagious, no matter what situation she is dealing with; her smile is always present, like the Sun & the Son. She has the ability to pay attention to details as well as being a good listener. She is precise and have a humbleness about her when making decisions. The talents and gifts she has as the Accounting Coordinator duties is a right fit.

Sabrena graduated from Metro State University with a BA in Business Administration and Accounting. She has worked in the accounting field for over 20 years. She is the leader of the Media at her church in which she takes pride in serving God, not just the people. She partakes in helping those who are in need, without thinking twice.